We direct five different children groups. The Cadenza, Caprice, Cadet, Chorale, and Cantate choirs are assembled based on childrens' ages. 



Our summer camps are developed with children ages 4-6, and 7-12 in mind. They are designed to be an immersive, collaborative experience for young singers.



Register your child to participate with one of the Cache Children's Choir groups. Registration occurs during the fall, and in January of each year. 


Monday: Dec. 10

·        Cadenza Choir Sharing Program 4:15 pm  ECERC  Room 118

Please wear your red CCC shirt, and black pants/skirts and shoes

This will be the final class for the semester. Classes resume on Jan. 14, 2019

 ·        Caprice Choir Final Program for parents and friends during regular class time,

4:15-5:00 pm in room 214.  (the USU Choir Room)

                    Please wear your red CCC shirt, and black pants/skirts and shoes

                    This will be the final class for the semester.  Classes resume on Jan. 7

 ·        Cadet Choir will not have class on Monday the 10th

 ·        Chorale and Cantate will meet as usual

 Wednesday, Dec. 12       Concert Run-through   4-6 PM Daines Concert Hall

·        Cadet Choir  Meet at 4:15 by room 214 (they will go to the Concert Hall together) 4:50 Cadet will be excused.

·        4:30 pm  all classes will rehearse the finale (The First Noel) with USU Women’s Chorus·    4:50 PM   Cadet Choir excused

·        4:50-5:15 Chorale and Cantate will rehearse combined and separate numbers. 

 Thursday, Dec. 13      Christmas Concert, Daines Concert Hall      7:00 PM

·        All singers should be in their assigned places by 6:45 pm

·        Please wear CCC uniforms.   Hair should be styled off the face as much as possible.  Also, please make sure to have dark socks with your black pants and shoes.   (White socks stand out like a beacon on stage!)

·        After the concert, we would be grateful if members of Chorale and Cantate would help to load the Orff instruments on the elevator, and return them to room 222. 

If your student will not be returning for the Spring Semester from Cadet they will need to turn in their black pleated skirt and from Chorale and Cantate the red sparkle blouse.    

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