Caprice Choir and Music Experience   Grades K-1

Melody Frances - Director    757-0108

Mondays 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm in room 214  Fine Arts Center

Areas of Focus:

1. Healthy vocal production


2. Pitch matching

3. Independent musicianship

4. Steady beat

5. Rhythm and rhythmic notation

6. High and low pitches

7. Fast and slow

8. Loud and soft

9. Phrasing

10. Following a conductor

11. Concert etiquette

12. Introduction to instruments

These skills are taught with folk songs and singing activities. We will also work on performance songs that we will sing in 2 concerts, one at Christmas time and one in the Spring. There will also be several other performing opportunities and choir activities during the year for the children to participate in. We are looking forward to a wonderful year and hope you will join us in this musical journey! 

Parents are welcome to sit in at any rehearsal. However, we do ask that any siblings or visitors that become a distraction be taken out.

SAFETY – children should use the restrooms and get drinks before they come to choir. They will only be allowed to leave class in case of an emergency and then only with one of the directors. This takes away valuable teaching time, so please make sure they use the restroom before class.  No playing in the halls. Please be careful of furniture in hallways.