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Cadet Choir    Grades 2-3

Intermediate level choir.

Cadet Choir Director:       Janni Richards

                                                    LaNae Richardson, Accompanist

Mondays  4:15 - 5:30 PM  USU Fine Arts Center Room 116.  

For children to develop basic musical skills through the use of folk songs, singing games, playing Orff instruments, and singing traditional tunes. Emphasis is placed on developing the singing voice, sight-singing, pitched and rhythmic composition, musical terminology, singing as a group, and rehearsal technique and procedure. d keep hands etc. to themselves and when playing games should watch out for other children.  

Cadet Choir Staff

Janni Richards is a music teacher with multiple degrees from Utah State University. As a Brigham City native, she is very familiar with the Cache Children’s choir and the surrounding communities. Janni was the director for the Wasatch Children and Youth choirs at the Brigham City Fine Arts Center for 8 years.  She spent 2 years teaching and helping to develop the music curriculum at Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning. Janni has spent the last 2 years as a director of the Terre Haute Children’s Choir at Indiana State University. Much of her artistic flair comes from her years under the tutelage of Milton C. Anderson, Music director for The Young Americans, Merrilee Webb, and Larry Boye, vocal specialist  for EPCOT. She has been an artistic musical director for musicals at Heritage Community Theater in Perry, Utah and also enjoys performing with various local groups. Janni has a passion for helping young singers find their strength in music. She enjoys spending time with her husband Bryan and their 5 kids in her spare time.