Where are the Classes Held?

Cadenza (Preschool age 3-4)  Fridays - Bullen Center

Caprice (Ages 5-6) USU Fine Arts Center Room 222

Cadet (Ages 6-8)  USU Fine Arts Center Room 118 & 222

Chorale (Ages 8-11)  USU Fine Arts Center Room 214 and 222

Cantate (Ages 11-14)   USU Fine Arts Center Room 214 & 222 (Room 220 Wednesday Sectionals)

Where and When Can I Register?

Registration is now open. Click here to access our registration form.

Who are the Faculty?

  • Claudia Bigler   - Artistic Director
  • Janni Richards - Associate Director
  • Nathan Bigler - Associate Director
  • Melody Francis - Caprice Choir
  • Ewa Wilczynski - Cadenza Choir

What are the Levels and Programs?

The following are grades levels recommended for each program, but students may be moved to a higher group depending on experience or need.

Cantate  (Ages 11-14)

Advanced choir for students with prior experience.  Director may choose to move students up to this program from the Chorale Choir.

Chorale (Ages 8-11) 

Non-auditioned, intermediate level choir.
Students receive training in vocal technique through the study of folk songs, classical, and contemporary music. They also learn sight-singing, simple part singing, and receive training in improvisation through the Orff-Schulwerk method. Concert Choir accepts about 6 performance opportunities per year.

Director may choose to move students from Chorale to Cantate are season starts and voices are heard.  If a students is moved parents will be notified.

Mondays 4:00-5:00 PM   This includes time with Orff teaching and improvisation
USU Fine Arts Building Room 222

Directed by Nathan Bigler and Janni Richards

Cadet Choir (Ages 6-8)

Non-auditioned advanced beginning level choir.
A high level beginner choir that focuses on developing the singing voice, sight singing, composition, singing as a group, and rehearsal technique and procedures. Instructors use folk songs, singing games, and traditional pieces. Some performance opportunities.

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 PM
USU Fine Arts Center Room 222

Caprice  (Ages 5-6)

Beginning level choir.  

Mondays, 3:45-4:30 PM   USU Fine Arts Center Room 222

Cadenza  (Preschool Age 3-4)

Friday mornings, 10:00 AM    Bullen Center

Parking Information

At this time there are not additional parking passes available to the choir parents.  There are several meters in the Orange Lot northwest of the FAC.  Meters may be feed for 1 to 1/2 hours at a time.